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      Like all great stories, this story also started with a young, adventurous man and a long journey. The man is called Anders Fuhr and the journey went to India, One day, Anders and his Indian friend Nitin were sitting on a hillside philosophising about life. A Dane and an Indian, from two very different worlds. They talked about their ancestry, their values and their lives. Nitin is of the belief that one should give more back to the world and was concerned about all the resources that are wasted every day. He has seen factories throwing out usable materials and growing landfills for too many years. Why should so many materials go to waste? Together, they make it their mission to create a sustainable concept. A concept that should be sustainable all the way through, including production and the workers’ conditions and salary. A challenge, indeed, but Anders decided to rethink the traditional production processes and he got a brilliant idea! A close cooperation began between Anders and Nitin, who both had to get to know a new industry – the world of furniture. Anders was in charge of the design, and Nitin found the materials and the manufacturers. The first piece they produced was a leather pouf made of old jeans labels. A product, which is now one of the classic recycled pieces of furniture – characterising FUHRHOME. This is how our extraordinary story started. With a Dane, an Indian, and their common passion to give back to the world we live in.

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