Our Materials

Handmade | Reclaimed | Ethical

Our Materials

We create and design handmade items - each piece is unique and made from either reclaimed or ethically sourced materials.

Acumen Collection is a combination of workshops and warehouses located in the beautiful Lake District, in Cumbria, and the rolling countryside of Bedfordshire. We use traditional woodworking methods to create our rustic and industrial furniture. Our consumer-centric products are characterised by exceptional quality and the highest precision of workmanship.

Each Acumen Collection product has been designed to provide peak functionality and durability and handcrafted by Artisans who love working with wood.


That is why from the very beginning we have been using only reclaimed or materials from responsible sources.

Our materials are simple and of the highest quality. These include our solid woods; Scandinavian Redwood Kiln Dried Pine, Reclaimed Teak, American Walnut and European Oak.

Certified Wood

Our materials come from sustainable sources
Reclaimed Elm

Our "instagram famous" antique rustic stools are made from the most beautiful reclaimed Elm that can only be found in China. The stunning rustic wear extends to indentations, scratches, repairs, historically treated woodworm holes (all stools have been fumigated so don't worry about that), paint splashes and areas of scorching.

The lighter or bleached look stool has spent most of its useful life outdoors with exposure to the sun. The darker brown stools are indicative of stools that have spent most of their useful life indoors with less sun and more moisture in the atmosphere.


Kiln Dried Scandinavian red pine is one of the most renowned types of wood in the UK and has a long history of use as a material from which artisinal furniture is created.

This is a reasonably dense pine that is ethically grown so it’s a popular choice that is used worldwide. It is distinctive because it tends to have pinkish stripes running through it. In other words there are lighter and darker ‘stripes’ in the wood.


We predominantly use kiln dried oak from England for our live edge desks however our dBodhi shelfmate shelving system uses Oak sourced from Europe.

Naturally light colour and visible wood grains make our oak furniture pleasant to the touch and charming. We use epoxy resin to fill any cracks in our live edge desks


American walnut is a beautiful hardwood with stunning dark grain patterns.

Due to its unique appearance - a deep brown, contrasting color, walnut is considered an exclusive material, and items made of it are distinguished by high quality and unique color.

Reclaimed Teak

Our reclaimed teak wood is sourced from century-old houses from remote villages in East Java, before being repurposed and crafted into new pieces of furniture.

The teak originally comes from mature trees of over 60 years old, from a region well known for its quality teak. Packed with history and age, the rustic wood is full of character, showing unique and elegant textures that can’t be reproduced or imitated by newly cut wood. Through its re-use, the reclaimed teak not only delivers history and character to the furniture, it also reduces environmental impact.


Handwelded in our UK workshop
Box Section Steel

Our box section steel office desk and dining table legs are handwelded in our UK workshop.

Available in a range of finishes including raw steel with visible welds and any RAL powder coat.

Pipes & Fittings

Our furniture grade pipes and fittings are manufactured specifically for furniture use.

Available in a range of finishes including antique black, matte black and galvanised our pipe kits create award winning pipe furnitiure designs exclusive to Acumen Collection.