Terms & Conditions

Thanks for reading our Terms and Conditions! We hate to get all serious, but as we are a small company delivering handmade products to a small margin, we have to make a few things clear. Any questions please ask! We are always happy to help.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they read this information in full before placing an order. Where a buyer is acting on behalf of an individual/group/company they must ensure all parties involved have read this information before placing an order. By placing an order we will assume that all the relevant parties have read and understand:

Refund, Returns and Alterations 


We are a small company offering bespoke, made to order products. We cannot accept cancellations or offer a full refund on any orders after 14 days of the order being placed or for an item(s) that has already been posted/delivered. Please ensure all details are correct before placing your order, and that you are happy with all design decisions and materials.

Orders for archetypal designs (products available to purchase directly from the website) can be cancelled, exchanged or partially refunded and returned after 14 days at the discretion of Acumen Collection. Requests to do so must be made in writing. All cancellations or returns will be subject to a 20% return fee, plus the cost of delivery (if already booked and/or delivered), plus the cost of the return delivery by Interparcel or other suitable courier, plus any other reasonable costs accrued by Acumen Collection.

Bespoke pieces are non-refundable after 14 days of the order being placed. 

Definition of bespoke - anything that is not available as a standard size or finish via our website.

Once an order has been placed, the cost of any alterations, administrative costs, and additional/updated design drawings will be charged to the buyer. Acumen Collection can not be held responsible for any resulting delays.

Where a buyer is acting on behalf of an individual/group/company, they must ensure all information relating to the order is passed onto the relevant parties. We cannot offer any replacements, refunds, reimbursements, discounts or compensation for any issue that may arise as a result of this.

We endeavour to always send out quality products, however, mistakes can occasionally happen. Should you receive a faulty or damaged item(s) you should notify the seller as soon as reasonably possible. The buyer should provide a detailed description in writing, with photographs and/or videos of any area(s) that are damaged/defective within 7 days of receiving the item(s). Provided evidence is received within the time frame, Acumen Collection will assess the fault and arrange to repair or replace the item(s) as soon as reasonably possible.

In the case of faulty/damaged goods, or an incorrect order being received, we will ensure all necessary steps are taken to provide you with the correct item(s). However. we cannot offer any refunds, reimbursements, discounts or compensation as a result.

We cannot offer refunds, reimbursements, discounts or compensation for orders delayed by the following: 

  • Any act of nature (such as a natural disaster, flooding, snow etc) 

  • Pandemic/War/Other Disaster. 

  • Government enforced restrictions/laws. 

  • Delivery delays (including those related to stock/material supply). 

  • Where a person would be at risk of harm.

Materials and Finishes  

By the very nature of both the materials we use and the handmade nature of our manufacturing process, our pieces could contain any/all of the  following characterful/natural traits:

  • Small ‘chip out’, ‘tear out’, or marks from the machining and manufacturing processes in the Workshop

  • Knots/cracks/shakes/medullary rays

  • Kiln stick marks
  • Natural colour variation 

These should be expected within each piece and we cannot offer refunds, reimbursements, discounts or compensation for such features. Please contact us if you are unsure on the terms or what to expect with the above.  

Other natural characteristics include shrinkage, swelling, surface splitting and minor movement due to the change in temperature and humidity. This won't affect the practicality, durability or lifespan of your furniture and movement within the wood is completely normal.
We purposefully leave small cracks and imperfections in the timber as we feel it adds our style and character to the product.


All kiln dried Scandinavian timber has a natural convex and concave side, which appears as a slight hump on one side and a delve on the other. This movement is completely normal and is a feature created when moisture is drawn out of the wood in the kiln. We have strict QA checks and will never send out shelves or desks that are not practical for every day use. This movement in the timber is not a structural defect and therefore are not covered under our warranty.

The following workshop standards are applied to each of our stock materials (unless specified otherwise):

  • Rough sawn kiln dried, as per UK supply standards, Scandinavian redwood pine. 

  • Any large knot holes, typically over 10mm that could negatively affect the aesthetics or structural integrity of the item will be filled, sanded and waxed accordingly. Knot holes on shelving, either on the top surface or an edge may be left open to represent the natural finish as we strive to maintain as much character in our pieces as possible.

  • Standard thicknesses are 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, and 75mm. Depending on the type of board and the level of sanding or planning required, it is possible that the thickness may reduce by up to 5mm; for example, 75mm may become 70mm after our manufacturing process. We endeavor to maintain as much of the timber's thickness as possible; however, this may not always be feasible.
  • The live edge feature on our pine tables will reduce the width of the table by 2-5 cm in certain areas. This reduction occurs because we cut the live edge from our standard width tables, which are available in 88 cm, 110 cm, and 132 cm.
  • Rustic weathered boards are sanded to 80 Grit.

  • Modern planed boards are sanded to 120 Grit.

  • Finished with a Premium Wax Polish and an optional clear Hard Wax oil  (https://acumencollection.co.uk/pages/timber-finishes-samples) 

*knots greater than 10mm will be filled with wood filler and waxed accordingly.


  • Character Grade Oak as per UK supply standards 

  • Any shakes, knots or cracks to be left open and unfilled 

  • Sanded to 180 Grit 

  • Finished with a clear Hard Wax Oil


  • Live/Waney Edge Character Grade Oak as per UK supply standards

  • Any shakes, knots or cracks to be filled with resin

  • Any measurements taken across the width of the grain should account for the natural wave of the edge (+/-100mm approximately)

  • Sanded to 180 Grit

  • Finished with a clear Hard Wax Oil 


  • Prime Grade American Black Walnut as per UK supply standards 

  • No knots or cracks are present.

  • Sanded to 240 Grit 

  • Finished with Clear Satin Hard Wax Oil  

Other Materials we use

The material (and therefore standard followed) will be stated in the product listing or noted in the design specification. Where the material is not noted it is assumed the piece will be made using kiln dried Scandinavian redwood pine, following the typical finishing standards and waxed with a Premium wax polish from the Standard Finish range. Any steelwork would be left with its raw finish and protected with a clear lacquer.

For bespoke items, the material type/grade and final finish must be requested by the buyer in writing. Any extras that are not typically included in the standards of the requested material (e.g. resin fill) must also be requested in writing as part of the quote.

Knots less than 10mm will not be filled on any of our kiln dried Scandinavian redwood pine. Knots greater than 10mm will be filled with wood filler and waxed accordingly. If the buyer requests a quote for any other timber type and expects the knots to be filled they must pay the additional costs for this to be included in the order. Once a piece is oiled the resin will not adhere to the surface, therefore this must be specified when the order is placed.

Knots, shakes and cracks should be expected on any kiln dried Scandinavian redwood pine or character graded oak piece. These will always be checked for stability and strength.

All wooden components may contain varied wood grain, colour variation, heartwood, sapwood, medullary rays and knots. These are naturally occurring features and should be expected of any solid wood product.

All wood stock is purchased as random-width planks and will come from a variety of trees. Each plank will be completely unique and will be hand selected from the limited stock kept in our workshop at the point of manufacture. Nearly all wooden components (for example tabletops, door fronts, shelves or panels) will be made from multiple planks joined together using such stock.

We will not accept returns, cover the costs of adjustments/alterations, offer refunds, reimbursements, discounts or compensation due to issues arising from the customer’s personal preference. (For example wood grain, pattern, knots, medullary rays, colour variation or any other naturally occurring elements/features).

Premium finishes (Rubio Monocoat branded) can be used on: kiln dried Scandinavian redwood pine and Character Grade Oak. Additional costs will apply unless specified otherwise. Costs are subject to the finish chosen, the size of the piece and the type of item that the finish will be applied to. All additional costs for upgrading the finish will be passed onto the buyer.

Steelwork that is specified as raw on the quote will have a protective layer of clear lacquer. Any colour variation or patinas will have formed naturally as the steel section was formed and cooled. Variation will occur between each piece and between different section types. Further natural colour changes may be present as a result of any welding or grinding. Steelwork can be sprayed or powder coated upon request.

Custom finishes are available upon request. Additional costs for stocking the finish and any extra costs for applying the finish will be passed on to the buyer.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to purchase a sample that is made by Acumen Collection using the finish requested for the piece.

Due to the nature of the material and the finishes applied to our product, the final finish may vary from photos online or the samples we send out. Our samples are handmade using off-cuts, following our usual finishing processes so that they are as accurate as possible. However, the natural underlying colour of the wood and its reaction to the oil may cause colour differences. The sample is indicative of colour tone and not the standard of grain across a full board. A full board / plank of wood will have variations in wood grain, colour variation, heartwood, sapwood, medullary rays and knots.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to check that they are happy with the finish, material and standard used/followed by the workshop team to make the item. If the buyer would like to alter the above (for example having a non-standard finish applied to their piece) this must be specified prior to ordering. Changes to these standards are likely to alter the quoted/listed price of an item.

It is the responsibility of the client to follow the Care Guide (https://acumencollection.co.uk/pages/care-guide) and maintain the finish on the product once the item has been delivered. Surfaces that are regularly used (e.g. dining tables and desks) will need re-waxed or re-oiled every 12 -24 months. Specialist cleaners should be used on the surface.

All our wood is kiln-dried to a humidity of 8-10% moisture. However, wood is a hygroscopic material and will continuously react to changes in its environment by absorbing/releasing moisture. Wood shrinks as its moisture content decreases and swells as its moisture content increases. This movement can result in the wood warping, shakes opening/closing and joint separation. The rate at which wood absorbs moisture in the air is influenced by temperature along with the air humidity. For example, heat in a dry area (e.g near a radiator) will cause moisture to be released and can cause the wood to dry suddenly in an uneven manner. All wood species can react to exposure to (UV) sunlight, changes in temperature and air humidity. We do design our pieces with wood movement in mind to try minimise the effects. We cannot be held responsible for changes in the wood due to environmental factors, once delivery has been received. This would not be deemed a manufacturing fault under the terms of the item’s warranty.

When purchasing our kiln dried Scandinavian redwood pine pieces in the colder Winter months it is expected that any room the furniture is assembled in should be kept to a temperature of no greater than 18 degrees celsius for the first 2 weeks, this is while the timber climatises to its new environment and so that any hairline shakes that may be present in the wood, are not shocked into creating cracks that can create structural integrity issues.

It is the customer’s responsibility to follow our Care Guide recommendations and keep/store their piece(s) in a suitable environment. (https://acumencollection.co.uk/pages/care-guide)

Our furniture is not suitable for outdoor use, use in bathrooms, humid environments or environments with temperature fluctuations, unless specified.


It is the buyers responsibility to clarify any design, drawing, hardware and material related queries prior to placing an order.

All important design attributes/details should be stated by the buyer prior to ordering if they should be considered by the workshop and/or design team for quoting and manufacturing a piece.

All product photographs, example images and any items/examples/materials that may be shown/provided during the order process (including during a workshop visit or exhibit) are for illustrative purposes only.

All our products can be made to measure to fit your space, however, we do not guarantee millimetre precision unless we are specified to do so, and some hardware such as nuts and bolts may protrude. The buyer should allow for +/- 25mm on all dimensions unless specified otherwise.

If you require an exact size for your item(s), for fitting into an alcove for example, please make sure to specify that the measurement needs to be exact. We can’t take responsibility for any item which doesn’t fit or is too small if the measurement is under the 25mm of tolerance.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to take and provide accurate measurements to ensure the item is designed/made correctly, fit for purpose and can be manoeuvred safely from the delivery van into its final location.

When working to buyers’ design specifications and/or drawings, Acumen Collection will not be held responsible for issues with design, functionality, stability or unexpected wood movement, unless a sample product is ordered or testing is paid for. We endeavour to ensure all bespoke products are designed to our usual high standards, however, unexpected issues may arise without prior testing. If unexpected design flaws occur, or the design/product needs altering as a result of prototyping/testing not being complete, all reasonable costs will be passed to the buyer.

During the design process, we may make recommendations to improve the functionality/finish/stability of the design. Should an issue arise due to these recommendations being disregarded, it would be the buyer’s responsibility to cover any costs involved in rectifying this at a later date

Our recommended table sizes are based on a 450mm wide dining chair with a seat height of 450mm. If a customer’s chair sizes differ from this or the customer prefers more/less spacing for dining, the buyer should notify the design team of their preferred leg spacing that is suitable for their own needs/chairs.

Alterations/amendments made by a person/company not employed by Acumen Collection once the item(s) have been delivered are done so at the buyer’s own risk. For example, the fitting of their own legs to table tops, securing items onto wooden components, etc. Any resulting costs, complications, or damages are the buyer’s responsibility.

We cannot be held responsible for customers’ preference to design details that are not discussed or raised at the point of ordering and included in the specification of the purchased item. Elements not discussed/agreed prior to ordering will not be considered during manufacture and Acumen Collection will make educated assumptions based on the style of the product, its functionality and our standard practices etc. It is the buyer’s responsibility to disclose all requirements fully.

We will manufacture the item(s) using the details on the design specification, as stated on the order’s invoice (and drawing where applicable). Please make sure all details that you would like included for the workshop team’s consideration are included on the invoice and/or drawing. Details discussed over the phone, in person or in emails may be missed. We cannot be held responsible for this if it has not been noted on the invoice or drawing.

We do not provide drawings for all items. If you require a drawing this must be requested by the buyer prior to placing the order.

We offer an hour of free drawing time for custom designs, after which charges will apply.

Almost all of our products are delivered as self assembly pieces unless specified otherwise. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the item fits through the full route into the final location. The buyer should confirm with Acumen Collection before placing an order if there are any potential access issues so that we can work with you to determine precisely if the piece will be able to get into the property. Should this be required, Acumen Collection may need to charge for any additional costs involved in adjusting the design of an item and/or any fees charged by the courier to re-deliver a piece which previously didn't fit into the property. If delivery is attempted and the item does not fit, all costs incurred by Acumen Collection and the courier company will be passed onto the buyer (this includes failed delivery charges, re-delivery costs, disassembly/reassembly costs, alterations to the design etc).

All of our products are going to be quite heavy! (More than likely, very heavy!) If weight is going to be an issue, this must be raised by the buyer before placing the order. If in any doubt please ask Acumen Collection and we will give you an estimated weight of each piece prior to ordering.

We recommend that all items of shelving, shelving units and console tables should be fixed to a wall for safety. Acumen Collection provides all necessary fixings as standard (or optional as in the case of the console table L shaped bracket) and will assume that a buyer will be sourcing their own fixings if they have a wall that is unsuitable for the fixings provided. The buyer is responsible for any item(s) left free-standing and not secured, as this would be done so at their own risk.

In the circumstance that an item is to be fixed to a wall, floor, or similar, it is the buyer’s responsibility to check the suitability of their property, wall type, etc. Acumen Collection will not be held responsible for damages caused to the customer’s property in the process, or as a result, of attaching any furniture to a wall, floor etc. We would recommend the customer always use an experienced tradesman and seek advice if they require Acumen Collection to include specific fixings.

Never climb or hang from your furniture. Always place/store heavier items at the bottom of the piece to avoid it becoming top heavy.

Payments and Pricing 

We may offer the buyer the option to pay a 30% deposit in order to place their order(s). This option will only be available to buyers who contact us directly via email (hello@acumencollection.co.uk) and is done so at the discretion of Acumen Collection.

The balance must be paid in full and received by Acumen Collection before 14:00 on the working day before the scheduled delivery. Should the original delivery date offer be delayed/rescheduled by the customer, Acumen Collection will request the balance payment at the end of the lead time for the order.

Should the payment not be received prior to 14:00 on the working day before the scheduled delivery, Acumen Collection reserves the right to contact the couriers and cancel a scheduled delivery. All storage fees, cancellation fees and any additional delivery charges that occurred as a result of late payment will be charged to the buyer. All incurred charges must be paid before 14:00 on the working day before the new scheduled delivery.

All prices include VAT unless specified otherwise. 

Occasionally there may be information on our site that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing, product shipping charges, delivery estimates and availability. We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, and to change or update information or cancel orders if any information is inaccurate at any time without prior notice (including after you have submitted your order). Examples of such mistakes may include (not exhaustive) changes to shipping rates. Fluctuations of shipping rates with no notice from couriers have become more prevalent since 2020.

Quotes given by Acumen Collection will remain valid for 30 days, after this time we reserve the right to change prices accordingly inline with the current material/manufacturing costs and existing listing prices. Prices are subject to change without advanced warning.


Delivery and Lead Times 

Nearly all items are made to order. These items will be made to our current estimated lead time stated on the “Delivery/Lead Time” section of the website at the time that the payment or deposit is received (https://acumencollection.co.uk/pages/delivery-information). The lead time is an estimate and can flex by up to 2 weeks depending on peak periods within the year. Such peak periods tend to happen around April-May and October-November. We do review lead times on a weekly basis and can increase or decrease without warning. The customer should always check the current lead time at the time of placing an order in case there has been a change. If lead times change after order is placed we will email or telephone to explain any adjustment. If a specific deadline is at risk we can work with you to still achieve this so open communication is recommended.

We will always endeavour to complete orders within the estimated lead time, however, due to the nature of the orders and how they are made, delays may occur. Should an item(s) be delayed for any reason, we are unable to cover losses, accept returns, offer refunds, reimbursements, discounts or compensation.

We will not be subject to any subsequent arbitrary delivery dates requested/insisted upon by the buyer as a result of changes to the lead time at the point that the order is placed or any delays to the estimated lead time.

The initial delivery date will usually be offered on a working day (usually Tuesday-Thursday) within the following two weeks of the orders expected completion date (or end of the lead time). The buyer must allow for the estimated two week delivery time frame at the end of Acumen Collection's advised lead time, especially for items that are >280cm and/or >100kg in cumulative weight.

Should Acumen Collection forward an estimated delivery date to the customer, which has been advised by a courier, it is not guaranteed that delivery will be on this date. The courier will endeavor to deliver on this day however there are a whole host of reasons why a courier may not be able to deliver on this day, including, driver illness, enforced changes to courier routes due to traffic conditions, adverse weather etc.

Should the customer wish to cancel, reschedule, make us aware of a specific time window delivery can only occur, or delay their agreed delivery they should contact both Acumen Collection and the courier, giving at least two working days notice. Failure to give notice will be classed as a failed delivery and the customer will be liable for the full costs of the subsequent rescheduled delivery. Delayed deliveries will also incur storage charges. Acumen Collection will email the customer the day before the collection as a prompt the delivery is nearing, this is the final chance to cancel, reschedule or delay the delivery. Please do so by replying to the email or calling 03335771655

Should the buyer not accept the initial delivery date offered (usually 3 days are offered by our two man courier), any subsequent delays are the responsibility of the customer. Our couriers may have limited availability and may not be able to offer a new delivery date within the typical two week time frame. If the delay to the delivery results in Acumen Collection storing an item that has begun being made or is finished, Acumen Collection reserves the right to charge for any reasonable storage costs.

Acumen collection reserves the right to increase shipping charges post purchase if the shipping rate is deemed to be excessive. Examples of reasons why we may increase the shipping rate charge are for heavy or large pieces going to the Scottish highlands including inner and outer Hebrides, northern Ireland and the channel islands.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to accurately provide all information regarding the delivery of the item(s). Couriers work with set prices and we reserve the right to pass on costs incurred due to withheld information. Acumen Collection should always be notified if the delivery involves any of the following:

  • Delivery to a remote UK mainland location 

  • Delivery to a postcode noted as having a surcharge and not qualifying for free delivery as stated on the “Delivery/Lead Time” section of the website (https://acumencollection.co.uk/pages/delivery-information) 

  • Delivery to/through a difficult or awkward location (for example narrow/tight spaces) 

  • An item being lifted over any obstacle over 50cm in height (for example a garden fence) 

  • A long distance delivery route (that requires walking for more than 15 minutes) 

  • Delivery that will require an item to be carried upstairs 

  • Where the item would need to be assembled on site in order to fit 

It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the item(s) ordered can be manoeuvred easily from the delivery van and into their desired location. All doors, narrow passages, corridors, bends, lift doors and stairwells etc should be considered fully.

The delivery team reserves the right to refuse to deliver an item should they feel the customer’s request is unsuitable or unsafe. Acumen Collection will not be held responsible for any item(s) which cannot be delivered as a result. The attempt would be classed as a failed delivery.

Failed deliveries will be returned to Acumen Collection. All redelivery and storage charges will be charged to the customer. We are unable to cover losses, accept returns, offer refunds, reimbursements, discounts or compensation as a result of a failed delivery.

The buyer should ensure all obstructions are removed from the delivery route before the delivery team arrives. Our couriers not authorised to handle or move any personal possessions. Any fragile items/fixtures should be protected/relocated prior to the delivery team arriving. (For example, protecting flooring with thick blankets or moving ornaments/furniture that are usually located on the route the delivery team will be expected to take). Please be aware that although our couriers will take every care when delivering your order, both our couriers and Acumen Collection cannot be held responsible for any damages that occur to your property or possessions whilst the delivery is in process.

Delivery time slots are estimates. The customer should ensure they are available at the delivery location on the agreed date from 7:00-23:00 and ready to receive the order. Should a customer leave the location and therefore be unable to accept the delivery (even if the delivery attempt is made before/after the estimated time slot) then the delivery will be classed as a failed delivery attempt.

Should the delivery team be expected to wait in order to complete a delivery, the buyer will be charged at a rate of £30 for every 30 minutes. Occasionally, it may be requested that additional people are available at the delivery location to help lift an item. If either the workshop or delivery team feels an item is difficult to manoeuvre and/or too heavy, additional assistance may be requested at short notice. It is assumed that any assistants will be strong and able adults who are responsible for their own safety. Should the provided assistance be deemed inadequate or inappropriate to complete the delivery safely, then the delivery team reserves the right to refuse the delivery, in which case the attempted delivery will be classed as a failed delivery.

The delivery team may wear personal protective equipment including steel-capped shoes. This equipment is worn for safety reasons and a customer should not request that it is removed. (The drivers will carry shoe covers in their van.)

The order will be delivered to the delivery address specified by the buyer. The buyer should make sure that they or someone that they have authorised is available on the day to receive the item(s). This person should inspect the goods for quality and/or damages whilst the delivery team is present. We can not be held responsible for problems that may occur at a later date due to the buyer not being present at the time of delivery:

  • Should the person be satisfied that the correct order has been received and that they are not damaged the driving away of the courier is agreement that they have accepted the delivery of the item(s).

  • Should the person find a fault or have any queries they should notify the delivery team and contact Acumen Collection straight away while the courier is on site via 03335771655. The buyer should provide a detailed description in writing, with photographs and/or videos of any areas that are damaged/ defective within 7 days of receiving the item.

  • It may be possible to repair a small amount of damage to a piece remotely (from the customers address) using a wax care kit or other such kit designed to help repair any mark.

For some deliveries (for example areas that are outside of the delivery zone for our couriers, we may need to use a third party delivery company. The buyer’s contact details will be passed to the external courier company so that they can arrange delivery.

Nearly all of our deliveries are organised and completed by Interparcel, which is a 3rd party service that enables multi-courier providers to be used. We cannot be held responsible for damages caused by a courier of the buyer's choosing. Should a buyer wish to use their own courier for any part of the item’s delivery it would be done so at their own risk. Any resulting damages or issues would be covered by the external couriers terms and conditions and should be raised with the courier directly. Acumen Collection will inspect items for quality before passing them on to an external company, after this point the item is deemed to be of suitable quality and neither party is responsible for the care of the item(s).

Item(s) may be collected by the buyer or a person/company that is authorised to do so from our Cumbria-based workshop. All collections must be agreed in advance and scheduled within our opening hours. The item(s) will only be given to the authorised collector once the full payment for the order has been received. It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide all contact details for the parties involved should the collection be completed by an authorised representative.

Deliveries using interparcel are typically completed by a one or two-man team and items are delivered with adequate packaging. Deliveries via our own fleet of vans may be delivered without packaging. The delivery team has reusable packaging within their van. 

If your goods are delayed / not delivered by our courier please refer to the tracking link we send out in the shipping notification in the first instance allowing sufficient days for the courier to deliver especially during peak periods. If the goods are lost in transit Acumen Collection will raise a case with the courier to do a search and find. If the courier doesn't find the goods we will either replace or offer a full refund to the customer. If the courier decides to return the goods to sender we will wait for the full order to be returned back to us and assessed prior to processing a refund or reshipping it out. It is at Acumen Collection's discretion what option (refund or replacement) is chosen. If the customer wishes to cancel their order during this period or refuses delivery the 30 day cool off period policy applies, therefore carriage will be excluded from the refund. 


This lifetime guarantee covers normal domestic use only, commercial use is not covered; it does not cover faults caused by, wilful damage, neglect, misuse, inappropriate cleaning, accidental damage. It also doesn't include water damage and other events outside Acumen Collection's control.

Any product which is exposed to extreme heat i.e. An open fire, or radiator, etc. can cause distortion in the wood which will not be covered under this guarantee. 

The guarantee is only valid for products purchased, installed and used in the United Kingdom.

In the unlikely event that a problem may arise with an item, Acumen Collection will arrange for a repair or a replacement. All orders are covered by a lifetime guarantee (definition of lifetime is 25 years) warranty from the date that the item is delivered. The warranty covers the buyer against defective materials and workmanship. All warranty claims must be sent in writing to Acumen Collection with photographic evidence of the defect within the warranty period (hello@acumencollection.co.uk).

Acumen Collection will assess all claims, check if the claim falls under the terms of the warranty and determine if the piece needs repairing or replacing:

  • Should the item need repairing, Acumen Collection will decide if the item can be repaired on-site by the customer or by a trained member of the Acumen Collection team. If the item does need repairing in the workshop, Acumen Collection will not be responsible for offering a replacement item(s) during the interim period.

  • Should the item need replacing, the defective product will be collected when the replacement is delivered. If this is not possible we will work with the customer to return the defective piece at a later date, for example if the customer needs to package the returning piece and needs to recycle the packaging on the replacement piece. It is accepted that extra time should be allowed for this.

We will aim to offer all repairs and replacements as soon as reasonably possible. Items returned to our workshop for repair or replacements will usually require 2 weeks with our workshop team (subject to stock availability and the design of the item). Delivery will then be arranged shortly after this, typically within two weeks.

Repairs carried out on site are subject to the availability of Acumen Collection staff, however they aim to offer a date for the repair within 3 weeks of being notified that an item is in need of repair (subject to stock availability and the design of the item). On site repairs may require that the customer uses a wax care kit including a small amount of sanding the affected area and reapplication of wax. All sanding paper, wax and application cloth are provided free of charge in the wax care kit.

Our warranty does not cover defects or damage that arise as a result of:

  • Fair wear and tear 

  • Misuse (including failure to follow information provided in the Care Guide https://acumencollection.co.uk/pages/care-guide, written/oral  instructions regarding the care/use/storage of the item by Acumen Collection.) 

  • Damage caused by moving, negligence, or willful damage 

  • Problems as a result of the environment the item has been stored in  

  • Natural movement of the wood 

  • Bespoke items that were not prototyped or tested 

Natural variation in colour/grain and natural features occurring in the wood and steel are not considered defects.

We always recommend using coasters and placemats to protect the surface of the item(s). Damage as a result of wet/damp or hot products being placed directly on the surface of an item would be considered a result of misuse. The customer would be responsible for any costs involved in the repair.

Wood is a natural material that will move seasonally and will react to humidity in the air and the air temperature(s) it is stored in. This can cause the wood to expand/contract by a few millimetres, cause small gaps in the joints and/or cause shakes to open in the wood. This movement is natural and is not considered a defect.

If any alterations have been made by a person/company not endorsed categorically by Acumen Collection, the warranty will be deemed void.


“Buyer”, “Customer”, “Client”, “You” means the person(s), firm or company who agrees to purchase the good(s) from the seller.

“Seller”, “We”, “Our, “Acumen Collection” means Acumen Interiors Ltd

“Item”, “Product”, “Design”, “Piece”, “Order”, “Furniture” means all/any goods/services purchased by the buyer from Acumen Interiors Ltd.

“Bespoke” means items specifically made to a buyer’s specification and not available to purchase directly from the website (including archetypal designs in sizes not available on the website).

“Archetypal” means items available to purchase directly via the website.

“Website” means the website and any other URL’s that relate to www.acumencollection.co.uk

"Lifetime" means no more than 25 years.