AC-09 Pipe Kit

The Pipe Kit

You can be assured your Acumen Collection® pipe kit will arrive to your home or  commercial premise in excellent condition. Each pipe kit is manufactured exclusively for furniture and each fitting is individually wrapped and carefully packed in a heavy duty double boxed parcel.

 Unwrapping the pipe kit takes between 5-10 minutes.

 We guarantee every part will arrive scratch-free or we will simply send out replacement pieces free of charge.

The Assembly

The below video is indicative of an assembly process only. This product listing is the AC09 - Double office desk.
Our pipe kits are super easy to assemble and have no threads visible when connected. They come in an Antique Black or Matte black finish with matching cast iron fittings at the joint.
In order to maintain stability, a second person should hold the unit as it is built up.
All fixings and detailed assembly instructions are included with the kit.