A guide to finding the perfect dining table

When it comes to decorating your home, selecting a dining table is a crucial decision. It's not just a practical item, but also a central piece where you and your loved ones gather to enjoy meals, share stories, and make memories. To make the best choice, it's important to find a dining table that fits your space and complements your style. At Acumen Collection, we recognise the importance of this decision, and we're here to guide you in finding the perfect dining table that suits your unique style.

Assessing your dining space

The first step in choosing the right dining table is choosing the space where it will reside. Consider the size of your dining area. Is it a compact breakfast nook or a spacious formal dining room? Measure the available space carefully to ensure your new table fits comfortably and allows ample room for chairs. Consider the shape of the space too. Rectangular, square, or round tables work better in different layouts.

Many of our dining tables can be made to a bespoke size for the perfect fit to your space. 

Defining your style

Your dining table should harmonise with your interior decor and personal style. Here are some popular styles and dining tables that complement them:

Rustic charm: If you love the warmth of natural wood and a cosy, inviting ambience, consider a reclaimed elm wood dining table. These tables have a rustic charm that pairs beautifully with farmhouse or cottage-style decor.

Styling tip: Add a handwoven jute table runner and handmade or mismatched ceramics for a shabby chic look. 

Modern elegance: For a sleek and contemporary look, opt for a dining table with clean lines, a minimalistic design, and a polished finish. Acumen Collection offers sleek modern tables such as the Stirling Concrete & Steel Dining Table.

Styling: Complement your modern table with leather or handwoven wooden dining chairs and a statement industrial lamp for a touch of edge.

Industrial chic: Embrace the industrial trend with pipe-based dining tables. These tables combine metal frames with wood tops, creating a unique blend of urban and rustic aesthetics.

Styling tip: Pair your industrial table with metal-framed dining chairs and bulb pendant lights for an authentic industrial look. For an added industrial touch, match your table with a set of our pipe shelving options for perfect dining room storage and display.

Classic beauty: If you prefer a timeless and traditional look, explore dining tables with rich finishes and classic designs, such as the Artisan dining table. These tables can enhance a formal dining room or add a touch of elegance to any space.

Our customisable dining tables come in six different shades of premium Fiddes Wax finishto choose from. Whether you prefer a lighter, more natural wood tone or a deeper, richer hue, our dining tables offer the versatility you need to find the perfect match for your space.

Styling tip: Incorporate upholstered dining chairs to complete the classic dining experience.

Completing the look

To complete your dining space, consider matching dining chairs or benches. Acumen Collection offers a range of seating options to suit your style, from benches matching our dining tables to modern and rustic dining chairs.



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