5 Wonderful Ways to Style Your Rustic Stool

Our bestselling selection of rustic stools remain one of our most popular product ranges year after year, and for good reason, too!

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, these adorable additions are utterly unique and easily elevate any space, from bathroom steps and bedroom storage to crafty kitchen seating, the uses are endless.

This handy blog will provide you with some ingenious styling tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your stylish stool, so that it remains a timeless, eco-friendly addition to your interior for many years to come.  

Sustainable Styling

Sustainability is at the core of our values here at Acumen, and crafting products that stand the test of time - in both quality and design - is something we are extremely passionate about. 

The poster child for this ethos is none other than our rustic stools, for three very big reasons. 

Number one, all of our stools are hand crafted from repurposed wooden materials, such as old barn doors, dating back 80-100 years and lovingly restored to their former glory. Our skilled restoration team work hard to create charming pieces with plenty of character. Nothing is too polished, just how nature intended!

Number two, our products are designed to be timeless, and something you’ll keep in your home for many years to come with little need to repurchase or replace them. Their versatility allows you to reconfigure any space, and easily find a new use for them in your home. They come with a lifetime guarantee, too, so you can put full trust in the products you buy from us!

Finally, and this is possibly our proudest point, is that for every product we sell, a tree is planted in its place. Though our wood comes from pre-loved, sustainable sources, we still feel we can do more to preserve our beautiful planet. So, together with the One Tree Planted organisation, we plant one tree for each product purchased, so that we can reforest the plant, one tree at a time. 

Now that we’ve gone over all of the amazing advantages of adding a rustic stool to your space, without further ado, here are 5 ingenious ways to style your stools.

1. Add a bold statement to your bedroom

Say goodbye to traditional bedside tables and hello to statement stools, bringing a whole new look and feel to your bedroom.

Stools can be a brilliant space saving alternative, and with a little extra decor, can be the perfect rustic finishing touch while giving a minimalist feel.

2. Curate some rustic charm in your bathroom

Our stools don’t just look good, but serve a plethora of purposes, too. Whether they’re used to hold a stack of towels, a book, or even to help the little ones climb out the tub, stools can make a handy but stylish addition to your bathroom.

Our stools are available in a variety of sizes to ensure the height suits all bath and sink side needs, so take a look at the full collection to find your perfect fit.

3. Liven up your living room

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to add a rustic farmhouse feel to your cosy spaces, then a stool is an absolute must-have.

Ideal for a sofa side set up to hold your cuppa, candle or favourite lamp, or as a statement piece alongside your fireplace, these cute and quirky rustic stools are sturdy but stylish.

4. Enhance your hallway

A part of the home that can be notoriously difficult to style due to its often restricted size, the hallway! Our stools fit in any empty corner with easen and are great for holding your knick knacks, keys or various other necessary items. Simply add a rustic stool to your space and you’ll never misplace your keys again!

If you have a little extra space to spare, why not invest in a console table instead? Conveniently slimline fitting snugly against bare wall space, radiators or under shelves, our console tables offer some additional storage space.

5. Create a farmhouse feel in your kitchen

As lovely as our stools look, they aren't just a pretty face! Our stools are designed with functionality in mind, making them a perfect addition to any kitchen or dining space without compromising on style.

Our miniature milking stools are an absolute favourite for clever counter storage as a sweet but subtle way to store the essentials. Our stools work brilliantly as a step up for those hard to reach cupboards, too!

Or how about an effortless breakfast bar area with our larger old barn stool, perfect for creating a cosy, shaker kitchen aesthetic? 

If you are in need of something larger still,  look at our wide range of antique skinny benches and dining benches to create a cosy dining space with rustic seating.

Whatever your needs, wants or desired look, you’re guaranteed to find a stool that fits your aesthetic and space from our wide range of antique wood stools

All that’s left to do is choose your favourite and start styling!

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