CENTRE-PEACE & JOY: 4 Ideas For The Perfect Rustic Christmas Table

As the nights get longer, the air crisp and filled with woodsmoke, most of us start planning the most important table of the year: the Christmas table. A wonderful and classic take on seasonal decorating is the rustic table; it immediately evokes a sense of cosiness, safety and togetherness. And this can be a fantastic way to get the whole family involved in creating your special table. Think twine, linens, warm woods, natural colours, re-usable features and lots of warm light!

Let’s take a look at texture, sustainability, colour and bringing the chilly outdoors inside for immediate warmth:



Foraging is a brilliant way to involve to the whole family when it comes to planning your table. And a lovely day out at that! Look for materials to make wreaths, collect acorns and other greenery. Weeping willow stems are super easy to weave into a rustic wreaths and can be finished with foliage, fir, eucalyptus or any seasonal additions of your choice. Add it to walls, doors and even as a centrepiece to the table. Try to shop locally and visit your farmer’s market for pomegranates, clementines, plums and other seasonal fruits to decorate and bring life to the table.


Think about your colour scheme. Traditional red, silver, gold and green works wonderfully but add your own twist. Selecting decorations  you can use all year round is a great sustainable way of enhancing other areas of your living space - silver or gold are great options for this! A textured table doesn’t necessarily mean a crowded table, so be sure to keep it clean and simple but don’t be afraid to experiment with the colour from fruits like pomegranates and clementines to complement your greenery as a centrepiece. The seasonal pop of colour will go beautifully with simple beige or grey table linens. Wrap your napkins in twine and add a cinnamon stick. Nothing says Christmas like the heavenly scent of cinnamon! Forget about the age-old rule that cutlery should match! Keep an eye out at antique sales and flea markets for interesting additions to your festive drawer. 


Children, especially, will feel involved and useful given the chance to create the nametags in their own handwriting. If your meal is a smaller family affair, why not add nicknames to the place settings on the napkin holders? It can be a delightful and humorous way to add that extra personalised touch. Thoughtful handmade and sustainable table gifts for each guest is also a great way to add to a festive welcome.


 Candles bring an immediate cosiness to any room and can be used all year round to create a safe and calming haven for you, friends and family. Do aim to keep your table candles fragrance free (an overpowering scent may interfere with all the yummy food you’ve spent hours preparing) and look for soy-based candles and natural wicks. These burn longer and are much better for the environment and your family’s health.



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