How to choose the Perfect Dining Table

Choosing a rustic dining table isn’t a decision you want to hurry into. It’s definitely an investment piece, which needs careful consideration.


An item of furniture that acts as the hub of your home and where everyone; friends and family will gather around time and time again hopefully for many years, be it to share a good meal, working from home or, preferably, reading the morning papers.

But how should you choose? What size should you go for and shape.

Let us give you a quick overview into the important features to give you a more informed decision.

These days a rustic dining table is a centrepiece in the hub of the home. It gets used multiple times a day. It’s where friend and family gather on special occasions, dinner parties are hosted, this year especially it may have had another layer of use in the form of an office desk (2020/2021).

 Which is why it has to have the perfect blend of aesthetics as well as practicality. So, here’s how to choose the one that’s right for you and your family.


The perfect rustic dining table can’t be too small it looks lost in the space and you can’t fit enough people around it, you also don’t want it to dominate the space.

You also need to allow space around the table for chairs to be pulled back, so guests can get to their places and people can fully walk around the space.

It may sound an odd consideration, but you want to make sure there is enough space from floor to tabletop to comfortably get your legs under. This isn’t a worry for modern dining tables, but the height of vintage pieces can vary.

If you buy Antique you may need to consider adding a few extra inches, people were a lot smaller in general back in the day.

Sometimes it’s worth considering an extendable table – one that can comfortably fit your family on a day to day basis so that you are not spread out all over the place but can be folded out when it’s time to entertain.


Rectangular is the norm, since this mimics the shape of most rooms and therefore tends to mean you have more options, but there’s something very appealing about a round table. They can be more inclusive especially if you tend to entertain larger groups, everyone can comfortably converse without people at the ends being left out of the conversation


Wood is perfect for adding warmth to a room and the grain adds texture you want elements of both in a room, but if you prefer a contemporary look, glass, marble or powder-coated steel will add a bit more edge. Which brings us to…


Your table is an investment, so you really need to love it! If you look at it and it makes you think, ‘Oh, that one will do.’ You are probably just settling.

If you look at it and think, “It’s perfect, I love it – the rustic wood will look perfect against our exposed brick wall.’ That’s the one, you’re thinking about it in your space as a whole



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