ONCE UPON A TIME: Creating the perfect cosy reading nook


Nothing can compare to a cosy, softly-furnished, richly texture, well-lit space where book lovers can unwind after a long day.

A reading nook adds personality to any room and will give visitors a glimpse into who you are - especially once they start perusing your shelves! Here are some tips to create a special haven for yourself; a space to relax and lose hours between the pages of a well-told story.

Take a look at Reading Nook essentials below and further inspiration to personalise your space, plus tips on how to make a nook inviting for the whole family.


The all-important chair

A comfortable chair is the beginning of your reading nook - choose a favourite shape and colour and build around this focal point of your nook. Adorn it with cosy, comfortable throws and cushions to add instant personality and a feeling of warmth; look for contrasting textures like faux-fur, wool or sherpa to create depth and contrast with other items in the space. Switch to lighter linen throws like this for summer reading during the warmer months!



Any reading nook needs good lighting for diving into your favourite book, but don’t be afraid to mix and match soft lights (and add scented candles to the shelves!) to create a sense of calm and relaxation. Rustic styles like these work beautifully to balance the warmth of furnishing textures with the interesting metals used for design and construction. 


Side Tables

Time for the perfect side table! You may want to keep this smaller to fit next to your comfy chair; the perfect spot for a warm mug of something delicious!  Look for a vintage side table to complement the more modern elements of your nook like the reading lamp, shelves or chair. If it’s bought new, there are create ways to distress and add your own creative stamp to a piece. You may already have a smaller end or side table around the house looking for a new lease on life! And it’s a great, creative way to make the space your own.


The Bookcase

Now it’s time for the ideal shelf, a place to keep all your books at the ready for hours of joy in your new reading space. These reclaimed scaffold board & steel pipe units provide a rustic statement piece for any area, beautifully complementing the softer light, cushions and textures of your chair. For ideas on accessorising the shelves, take a look at these Book Nook ideas: Book Nooks are a dream for any reader! Charming, hand-made (which you can build yourself, too) miniturare bookends or inserts for your shelves, recreate lovely scenes from your favourite books. A great gift idea for the reader in your life or as a treat to yourself! Add candles, cacti, photos of loved ones or travel mementos to the shelves for that extra touch of personalised magic.


To create a shared space for families, keep children’s books on the lower shelves for the young ones and add Young Adult titles to your book collection to encourage teens to read more!

Happy reading!









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