5 Top Tips for Perfectly Styled Shelves

Layer – Start with Large Items First

Start by finding a spot for the largest items first, and build from there. Make sure you place the large items in a balanced way. For example, place one large item on the top left shelf, and another on the bottom right. You don’t want all of your heavy items to be grouped together. You want your eye to travel through the items and spreading out the larger pieces will help the whole look come together and feel balanced.

This idea also goes for smaller pieces and varying textures and shapes. Spread out your greenery, your vases, your boxes, etc. Work in layers by adding items to the back, leaning against the wall, as well.

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Work in Groups of Three

Groupings of three feels balanced and is visually appealing to the eye, especially in smaller spaces, such as shelves and table tops. By grouping the items together it feels more organised and less overwhelming. It is also important to leave areas of negative space between the groupings. Negative space allows the eye to rest and wander around the visual and helps the shelves to not feel cluttered.

Add Baskets to Minimise Clutter and Hide Bits and Bobs

Using woven baskets, helps to add texture and warmth, not to mention storage! They also help keep the shelf from looking too cluttered. They can also act as one of your larger focal points as mentioned in our first point. 

Use Plants to Add Texture and Visual Interest and Focus

Plants just make a space feel fresh and clean! Use them to decorate the same way you would use baskets i.e. a lot!

We recommend looking our for succulents and cacti as they are lower maintenance which is favourable on shelves.

There are a lot of great faux options available these days. 

Shelf Styling | Acumen Collection


Switch Up Your Decor Seasonally! 

Each season has its own unique traits - draw on nature to style your shelves.

In Autumn you could go out and pick some leaves and clip them to some twine to make a beautiful autumnal garland. You could do the same in Winter with pine cones. 

Be thrifty and always be on the eye out for something to forage that you can use to style your shelves by adding texture and visual interest.

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