Large stool elm timber finish

Each of our rustic stools carries a unique history, shaped by its practical journey through the bustling streets of China. We are told that most of these stools were once the trusted companions of street food sellers. They have weathered the hustle and bustle of vibrant Chinese marketplaces and savoury culinary adventures.

In terms of finish, the lighter or bleached appearance suggests a life spent basking in the sun's glow, as these stools accompanied vendors on their daily culinary escapades. Conversely, the darker brown stools bear the marks of indoor use, sheltered from the sun but exposed to the moisture in the air within the cozy confines of bustling kitchens.

The rustic wear on these stools tells stories of countless moments shared over steaming pots and sizzling griddles—indentations, scratches, repairs, and traces of paint splashes and areas of scorching all bear witness to the lively chaos of street food culture. While we believe these imperfections add character to our stools, if you have specific preferences regarding their appearance, please let us know in the order note section at checkout, and we'll strive to accommodate your request.