How To Add Personality To A White Bathroom

 It can sometimes be difficult to make a bathroom feel warm and beautiful as the majority of the room is fixed down and hopefully (if you haven't been stuck with some 70s vibe pink or brown) bright white with not much additional colour.  

With out pending some serious money to change it up you are normally stuck with what is already there when you rent or purchase the house.

This can be especially disappointing if you have moved into a home and don’t yet have the budget to renovate the room. 

So today we are going to be sharing some quick ways to update your bathroom to make it feel more homely and less like a cold sterile white room.



Adding some open shelving allows you to display some of your trinkets which adds personality to a sometimes over looked room.

Checkout our blog post on how to style open shelving if you are not sure how to make them look the best they can. 

Open shelves can add colour and vibrancy to the stark white of a bathroom suite. If you have a blank wall, think about adding two or three reclaimed scaffolding shelves to add some character to the walls.


Acumen Collection | Rustic Shelves

You can also check out our Rustic Shelving Collection HERE 



A bathtub is a huge white piece of furniture and unless you are lucky enough to have some gorgeous taps there is not a lot to break up that expanse of white. 

That is why rustic bathboards are such a great addition. 

Not only are they functional, because who doesn't want a place to rest their wine, book or iPad whilst they relax in a hot steamy bath. 

But they are a great way to add texture, depth and warmth to an otherwise rather sterile room. 

Here at Acumen Collection we have the most beautiful reclaimed bathboards that give your bathroom extra atmosphere. And these can of course be ordered from us in different types of wood and sizes, all our bath boards are made using reclaimed materials and treated with a special coating so that they are water repellent. 

Check out our collection here to pick your perfect board



You want to invest in some luxury towels nothing makes a bathroom look better than soft fluffy towels hanging over the towel rail or radiator, you can even artistically throw one over the bath tub to make it slightly more ‘Instagrammable’

It is an item we use everyday like bedding, which is why so it is important to make sure you love them and that they are cozy.

They are also a great way of adding a quick dash of colour, or changing up the colour quickly. You can change the set from season to season to keep the room looking fresh and exciting.


Nice products

There are plenty of products that we need to use in the bathroom from hand soap to shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

And let’s be honest they don’t tend to come in the prettiest packaging.

But even if one of them comes in a nice bottle it’s unlikely to match the rest of the products.

One great idea is to get some beautiful and eco friendly amber bottles and decant your products into them – we recommend these ones from amazon.

They are a great way to make your unsightly products look in keeping with the rest of the room and even better as we are very con if you have a refill shop you can also reduce plastic and save the environment.


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